Top 6 Catering Tips

Are you a bride or a groom trying to solve the catering dilemma? Here is a list of tips from our in-house expert, you can benefit from…


1- Choose Seasonal

Being in a season not only means that your food tastes better but also that the ingredients are readily available locally. It will ensure your menu is cost-effective and also means you’re getting the ingredients at their best. A seasonal menu will make sure you are off to a good start.


2- Tie in a Theme

Adding a slight theme to your wedding is what really makes it special for you as you can stamp some individuality on your day, and having the food and catering match your vision will make your day extraordinary. Once you have a clear theme in mind, share this with your caterer so they can reflect the food to your tastes.


3- Top Up The Numbers

Even if you don’t know the exact numbers, it’s really useful for the caterers to know what size wedding you’re having. Smaller weddings mean you can afford to be a bit more adventurous and extravagant with how much you’re spending per person, whereas a larger wedding often works brilliantly with delicious sharing platters or a buffet.


4- Schedule a testing session with the top 3 choices

Tasting gives you the opportunity to more fully discern whether the quality, style and presentation of their food meet your expectations. Additionally, a tasting prior to finalizing a contract gives you the opportunity to discuss how your own ideas can be worked into their existing menus.


5- Don’t Forget Dietary Requirements

Check with your guests what is required then let your caterers know so they can organise a delicious experience for all your guests.


6- Midnight Snack

After a long night of dancing and drinking, there’s nothing better than the wafting smell of food. This could even be something as simple as a mini burger, cheese toastie, cone of salty chips or warm vanilla doughnut or some tapas selection.

With best wishes